BYT Textile

BYT DOKUMA is one of the leader in its sector, stamping its name on many innovations in this field with wide variety of products and high production volume since 2011.


90% of  BYT DOKUMA ’s production is reserved for export under its brand  “Goccia Textile” as new and unusual demands emerging generally throughout the world of about 25 countries, main density is ITALY, SPAIN, BELGIUM, POLAND, GREECE, RUSSIA, and MIDDLE EAST.


BYT DOKUMA continues to challenge the market with fresh concepts in home textiles based upon its R&D team’s groundbreaking work, developing fabrics with various specifications and functionalities together with highest technology machineries and well-educated professional staff .

We produce 400,000 square meters of fabric per month. 
By having our own production factory and we can do the whole process in our own plant and have maximum control over each step.


BYT DOKUMA specializes in range of different types of fabrics.
Products Are: 

- Dobbyware,

- Jacquard,

- Leno
- Various fabrics for home decor 
- Plain or novelty, linen, foldet, linen look, voile, etc.
- Custom-made fabrics to suit your designs and needs.


Our Vision

Being a global corporate brand where the human, environment, technology and innovation is at the core of all company activites.

Our Mission
Fullfilling all customer expectations in decorative and technical textiles field and differentiating with strong design motto by innovative products and services.